About Justin

I am a designer and furniture maker based out of San Francisco, CA. This site is a collection of my work.

I grew up as a farm kid in West Virginia, helping my family build fences, buildings, and houses. I got my start in woodworking in 2012, when I was on the hunt for a mid-century credenza for our first home in Durham, NC. At the time I didn't understand why a rectangle of wood costs $3,000, but a friend and a skilled artist named Elijah Leed was willing to show me the ropes so I could build it myself. I've been obsessed ever since.

My work focuses on unexpected forms grounded in a modern Nordic vernacular. I offer design services, millwork fabrication, and lovingly crafted, functional pieces of furniture made by hand under the worried oversight of my shop dog Pixie.

When not making furniture at my small home shop in the Castro or at Hunt Projects in the Bayview, I am a full-time designer and manager at Google in SF. Please get in touch if there's anything we can build together.

Portrait of Justin Belcher